Fictitious dinner

We at Moisson Outaouais are proud to invite you to our 13th Fake Diner, sponsored by St-Estèphe’s chef Stéphane Paquet. As guests to this diner – which will not actually happen – you will not feast on gourmet dishes but… you will have a positive impact on the lives of many kids, families and unattached individuals who go hungry at the moment.

Too often, local families amongst us lack the means to fill their fridge and pantry. Take Caroline, Jacques and their two young children. Daddy has a job, but Mom has to stay home to take care of her 2 year-old Clara who has special needs. Because of this, Caroline and Jacques do not have enough to buy the food they would need to meet all of their family’s energy requirements.

This is no secret; a poor diet comes with dire consequences, particularly for kids : anemia, fatigue, developmental delay, and much more.
Caroline and Jacques know all this too well. This is why they reach out to their local food bank once a month. There, they get what they need to meet their two daughters’ nutritional needs : fruits, vegetables, milk, yoghurt and eggs.

All these fresh products we offer at Moisson Outaouais do not come free. This year, we will need to buy 90 000$ worth of fresh products. Please, be generous, our Fake Diner campaign will allow us to improve the quality of the food assistance we bring to all these little empty bellies!

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