Christmas Letter Campaign

The campaign is over. Here is the latest edition!

This year, the Christmas Letter Campaign portrays a father who have to approach his neighborhood food bank for the first time. Food insecurity happens without warning, affecting nearly 16,000 people per month in the Outaouais Region. Fortunately, Moisson Outaouais and its 42 members organizations work together to prvovide hot and nutritious meals.

Each $1 we receive enables us to distribute $5 worth of food.

With the Holiday Season upon us, Moisson Outaouais needs your support to meet the 35% increase in request for food aid. In addition to its regular service, 1,715 Christmas baskets will be made by its dedicatd volunteers. They will include a great variety of fresh, non-presihable and frozen products form serveral local producers.

Together, we can reduce the gap between the wealthy and the vulnerable.

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