Waste Less, Eat Better!

Moisson Outaouais invites you to take part in the first-ever “Gaspillez moins, nourrissez mieux!/Waste Less, Eat Better!” campaign, which replaces the traditional Souper Fictif (Fictitious Dinner). You’ll typically help feed 12,000 people a month while preventing food waste.

You‘ll help Moisson Outaouais recover fruits and vegetables, dairy products, frozen foods, and large amounts of meat from Outaouais grocery stores. These healthy, expensive foods—so rare for our 41 member agencies that serve families in your community—are often needlessly thrown away or composted. Recyc-Québec says 68% of such items could have been eaten or given to food banks.

Five years ago, Food Banks of Quebec (of which Moisson Outaouais is a member) created a program aiming to recover and sort food items to feed needy people and families: the Supermarket Recovery Program (SRP).

  • Each month, Moisson Outaouais recovers 54,000 kg of food from 28 grocery stores in the region
  • By 2022, we hope to collect an additional 400,000 kg per year

  • All donations will be used to deploy the SRP

  • $1 = $35 of recovered food

Thank to the 24 grocery stores of the Supermarket Recovery Program (SRP):


Thank to the 4 Walmart:

Thank to Food Banks of Quebec:

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