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Do you know that more than half of the food produced in Canada is wasted? With such excess food, how can we then explain that one of seven Canadian families is food insecured? For its second campaign Waste Less, Eat Better!, Moisson Outaouais invites you to participate in a regional initiative aiming to recover excess food and to redistribute it to needy persons and families.

Through the Supermarket Recovery Program (SRP), supported by 28 grocery stores in the Outaouais region, the equivalent of $5 million in perishable and non-perishable products is recovered and redistributed in the community annually, allowing Moisson Outaouais and its 49 member agencies to feed 16,000 people per month.

Let’s get involved in the fight against hunger and food waste by helping us give value back to fresh fruit and vegetables, meat and dairy products. Our goal this year is to recover 60,000 kg more food than last year.

With a donation of $100 and more, you could win a weekly organic food basket with a total value of $467, offered by Ferme aux pleines saveurs. Draw on July, 23th.

Each donation increases the quantity and variety of fresh foods recovered and redistributed to needy families.

Each fresh food product recovered ends up in an eco-responsible, high social impact food basket. As one Association de l’ouïe de l’Outaouais recipient puts it: “For the first time in my life, I am happy to be able to choose healthy foods and to cook delicious meals for my children. That makes me so proud and grateful.”

$1 = $35 recovered food! Thank you for your support!


Feeds 15 seniors for 1 day


Feeds 7 children pendant for 1 week


Feeds 20 single-parent families for 1 day


Feeds 150 people for 1 day


Feeds 10 families for 1 week

Donation of your choice

Any amount you like!

Thank you to our donors and to the partners of the Supermarket Recovery program (SRP)!

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Gatineau, QC J8R 0G4

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