The holiday season is approaching fast, and more than ever, we need our valued donors to provide food baskets to those in need. Faced with the rise in food costs, the housing crisis and many other misfortunes, many families and single persons are wondering how they will be able to celebrate around a hot meal this Christmas. With your support, Moisson Outaouais wishes to offer nutritious and abundant baskets to the 16,000 people who will have to visit our 49 affiliated organizations every month. Of this number, nearly half are people living alone.

With your precious help, the employees and volunteers of Moisson Outaouais will be able to assemble 1 800 Christmas baskets including our chef's famous tourtière (meat pie). This collective effort will be achived along with the monthly distribution of 105 000 KG of foodstuffs prepared for the community.

GIVING IS FULFILLING! For every 1$ received, we distribute the equivalent of 8$ in food products.

Feeds 13 homeless people for 1 day

Feeds 5 pregnant women for 1 week 

Feeds 18 single-parent families for 1 day

Feeds 148 elders for 1 day

Feeds 8 families with kids for 1 day 

It’s up to you! 

May your Holidays be filled with care and warmth!

37, rue Bombardier
Gatineau, Québec J8R 0G4

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