Eating, a vital need.

Did you know that jobholders account for a large portion of the 16,000 monthly users of food banks?

For instance, Sandra and Eric each work over 40 hours a week, as a cashier and a store clerk respectively. Their living expenses keep rising, mainly the rent and the grocery bill, but also the regular medication for their little last born. To ease their financial burden while ensuring their children eat three meals a day, Sandra and Eric visit their local food bank every month. This valuable support provides them with a short but timely financial break that allows them to stay the course.

In today's circumstances, your contribution would greatly lighten the burden for families.

Fulfill a basic need

Having a roof over one’s head and enough to eat is critical. For a victim of domestic violence, access to a safe shelter with meals means feeling safe and well fed.
  • AdoJeune
  • Association de l’ouïe de l’Outaouais
  • L’Autre ChezSoi
  • AutonHomme Pontiac
  • L’Avenue des Jeunes
  • BRAS Outaouais
  • Centre d’aide 24/7
  • Centre Mechtilde
  • Donne-toi une chance
  • Halte-Femme Haute-Gatineau
  • L’Arche de l’Outaouais
  • Le Gite Ami
  • Logements de l’Outaouais
  • Maison d’Hébergement Pour Elles Des Deux Vallées
  • Maison Unies-Vers-Femmes
  • Mon Chez Nous
  • Vallée Jeunesse

Fight poverty

For the homeless, the soup kitchen is a reassuring place to socialize and, above all, to eat a full meal. It is also a door to access multiple services for mental health, substance addiction and much more.
  • Alliance alimentaire Papineau
  • Amicale des personnes handicapées physiques de l’Outaouais
  • Table de Bethléem / Œuvre D’Edna Charette
  • Espace DEP Sylvestre
  • Grands Frères Grandes Sœurs de l’Outaouais
  • Itinérance Zéro
  • La Soupière de l’Amitié de Gatineau
  • Le Mashado
  • La Soupe populaire de Hull
  • Soupe populaire Saint-François-de-Sales

Relieve psychological, physical and financial stress

Emergency food assistance centres help people who unexpectedly find themselves in a vulnerable situation. For a single-parent family, this emergency service is a timely solution to make ends meet each month.
  • Centre de l’enfant Pont Magique
  • La Mie du Partage
  • Armée du salut
  • Aux Goûts du Jour
  • Bouffe Pontiac
  • Centre Alimentaire Aylmer
  • Conférence Saint-Vincent de Paul – St-François-de-Sales – La Source
  • Conférence Saint-Vincent de Paul de Notre-Dame de L’Eau Vive
  • Conférence Saint-Vincent de Paul – Notre-Dame-du-Saint-Rosaire
  • Entraide de la Vallée
  • Famille Secours
  • La B.A.S.E.
  • La Banque alimentaire de la Petite-Nation
  • La Chapelle De La Résurrection
  • La Mie de l’entraide
  • Le Grenier des Collines
  • Le Chemin
  • Centre en sécurité alimentaire de Gatineau

Improve the quality of family life

Family services centres, through their support services and activities, provide an inclusive environment and genuine assistance for the whole family. For new immigrants or for low-income families, these centres help people find their bearings and settle into a comfortable routine.
  • Centre d’Animation Familiale
  • Les Enfants de l’Espoir de Hull
  • Maison de la Famille de Gatineau
  • Maison de la famille l’Étincelle
  • Maison de la Famille Vallée-de-la-Gatineau


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