The little ones are back in school and they need enough snacks to concentrate! With your help, Moisson Outaouais would like to fill their lunch boxes with nutritious foods that are essential to their success. With this gesture, you are also supporting their parents who must deal with a back-to-school season that is even more expensive than usual.

“This month, 4,900 local children will receive help from our 50 affiliated organizations. Your support has such a great impact on their future. Thank you for helping our children one snack at a time!” – Armand Kayolo, Executive Director. 

Granola bar

Rich in carbohydrates. It is a fuel for the good functioning of the brain of our children.

Rich in protein. For a good memory and a better concentration in class.

It allows the kids to stock up with energy. Its high water content ensures good hydration

Vitamin C reduces the fatigue of our little ones and improves their immune system. 

The calcium it contains promotes growth and protects the children’s baby teeth.

  • Children make up 36.6% of the 16,000 people that receive food assistance through the Moisson Outaouais network. This means that 4,900 children receive help each month.
  • For Moisson Outaouais, 41% of the beneficiaries of its 50 affiliated organizations are households with children.
  • 36 of the 50 affiliated organizations of Moisson Outaouais serve children. 100% of these organizations lack nutritious snacks to offer to hungry children.
  • The frequency of snacks is specific to each child and even varies from one day to the next, depending on their hunger. To ensure that they have food available when hunger strikes, a morning and afternoon snack is necessary.
  • A sustaining snack, that will allow the child to calm his hunger and stay focused, ideally contains a food rich in protein (e.g. yogurt, cheese, milk, etc.) and rich in fiber (e.g. fruits and vegetables, certain cereal bars, oatmeal, etc.). A combination of these two foods will help support a child over a longer period of time.

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