Six good reasons to donate monthly to Moisson Outaouais

Monthly donations is a smart way of supporting that has several advantages.

 A way to help that reflects your ongoing commitment to the fight against hunger

Your monthly donation will make a huge difference in the lives of the 16,000 people being helped each month. Every single dollar has a significant impact and is invested in the most wholesome projects, always with the overall objective to alleviate food insecurity. Thank you for enabling us to feed vulnerable families and individuals every single day of the year..

 Easier annual planning of your contributions, in line with your budget

Monthly donations are easier to include in your annual budget than a one-time large contribution. Moisson Outaouais is always available to answer your questions. Giving monthly means 12 months of joint efforts and solidarity to fulfill a basic need. 

 A single income tax receipt at the end of the fiscal year

Every year, in February, Moisson Outaouais will send you a consolidated receipt for the total amount of your donations, thus saving you the trouble of tracking and adding all your contributions.

Monthly donations are a reliable and regular source of revenues that enables Moisson Outaouais to:

 Better plan actions to be carried out to achieve our mission and provide support across the Outaouais region

As a leader in food security, we must constantly innovate to efficiently respond to the growing demands for food support. Your contribution, along with that of other donors, provides Moisson Outaouais with an essential financial stability. This enables us to ensure a sufficient and equitable supply of food to our 73 member organisations and partners. Healthy and nourishing food is thus distributed across the vast Outaouais territory. 

 Provide nourishing and sustained food support in major emergency situations

Over the last few years, the Outaouais has had its share of disasters and Moisson Outaouais has always stepped up to the plate to help people. As our ally, you have allowed us to feed individuals and families hit by tornadoes, floods and, more recently, the pandemic. In partnership with the City of Gatineau, we are committed to supply food all over the city in case of major disasters. We would not be able to do so much without your outstanding support.

 Reduce overhead costs

Our capacity of providing food help is mainly possible due to a large 10,000 square feet warehouse where 15 proactive employees work tirelessly to relieve hunger. In order to distribute over 116,200 kg of perishable foodstuffs each month, Moisson Outaouais has an appropriate infrastructure and safe equipment (5 refrigerated trucks, 1 meal-preparation kitchen, 3 freezers, 1 refrigerator, etc.). By giving monthly you ensure the continuity / of the services provided to our community.

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