The Kids Are Back in School!

As children venture once again into the world of learning, hunger should never be an obstacle standing in their way. To help them concentrate, learn and grow, nutritious snacks are an essential part of their day.

For this 5th edition, the “Let’s Help the Kids, One Snack at a Time” campaign is committed to distributing 22,000 snacks to 3,000 children. With your support, Moisson Outaouais will be able to fill snack boxes with healthy, nutritious foods.

What’s in This Year’s Snack Bags?

Dried mangoes

Chocolate milk


Apple sauce

Soft oat bar


Did You Know That..?


25% of 7 to 13 year-olds

eat balanced lunches


3,000 children

receive food aid every month

More than


of food assistance claimants are households with children in the Outaouais region.

Children need to eat every

2-3 hours

to replenish their energy. Despite their small stomachs, they have big needs!

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Antoine Beauchamp-Lepage

Nutritionist, Chef & Father

Antoine Beauchamp Lepage is a nutritionist and father of a 6.5-year-old ball of energy, which inspired him to specialize in pediatric nutrition! But that’s not all: before taking up the science of nutrition, he honed his cooking skills for nearly 15 years in a number of restaurants, including some Relais & Châteaux in Quebec, France and Italy. Today, you can benefit from his diverse expertise through his social networks!

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