Hunger Overview

The problem of hunger in the Outaouais is real. Every day, thousands of men, women and children do not have enough to eat. The increase in demand and the current economic crisis make the vulnerable even more vulnerable.

Hunger in the Outaouais region in numbers :

  • 19,548 people used food assistance services (convenience stores, meals, snacks) in the Outaouais for the month of March 2022 (all services combined). This is an increase of 67% compared to 2019, since the beginning of the pandemic.
  • Of all these requests, children make up 30.5% of the people who benefit from food baskets; that is, nearly 2,856 children.
  • Single people make up 35.9% of households receiving food assistance.
  • 46.4% of food assistance applicants are households with children.
    • Of these, 25% are single parent households and 21.4% are two parent households.
  • 48 439 meals and snacks were served by Moisson Outaouais affiliated organizations.
  • 14 704 emergency food items were distributed by our affiliated organizations.
  • Moisson Outaouais has gone from 42 to 50 affiliated organizations since the beginning of the pandemic.
  • Moisson Outaouais recovers unsold food from 28 grocery stores in the region for a total of 395 454 kg last year, with meat representing 23% of this total.

Hunger Count

HungerCount was first conducted in 1989 and is the only national survey of emergency food programs in Canada. The data provided by the survey is invaluable and serves as the basis for many of Moisson Outaouais’ activities throughout the year. HungerCount provides timely and accurate information to government, donors and the media and represents the major concerns of members in a variety of public forums.

HungerCount 2022

Québec HungerCount 

Canada HungerCount 

HungerCount 2021

Québec HungerCount

Canada HungerCount 

HungerCount 2020

HungerCount 2020 could not be elaborated because of COVID-19. Moisson Outaouais’ findings are available in the Annual Report 2019-2020.

HungerCount 2019 

Québec HungerCount
Canada HungerCount

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