One-time Donation

By helping your regional food bank, you are supporting a large network of organisations across the Outaouais region. A one-time donation therefore enables you to help out thousands of people living with food insecurity. Every donation counts and our leverage effect makes it 8-times bigger.

Monthly Donation

A monthly contribution is an excellent way of donating. You become an ally in our day-to-day fight against hunger. It provides Moisson Outaouais with a reliable and recurring source of revenues. Each month a preauthorized payment is debited from your credit card or your bank account. Feeding people made easier!

In Memoriam Donation

Do you wish to honor the memory of a deceased family member, friend or loved-one? The In Memoriam donation is a way to make a meaningful gesture on their behalf while helping people feed themselves in dignity. 

Donor Toolkit !

7 October 2022

Six good reasons to donate monthly to Moisson Outaouais

Monthly donations is a smart way of supporting that has several advantages. → A way to help that reflects your ongoing commitment to the fight against hunger Your monthly donation will […]

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