Profile and Mission

Our Mission

Support our member organizations and partners in the region to ensure food security for people living under harsh socio-economic conditions.

Our Vision

As leader in the food security sector, Moisson Outaouais’s vision is that everybody in the region eats satisfactorily.

Our values

  • Listening and working together – Proactive openness towards our current partners and partnership opportunities.
  • Solidarity – Mutual aid and cooperative action with community members targeted towards food security. We value civic commitment.
  • Respect – Consideration and respect for our volunteers, donors, employees, affiliated organizations, partners and users.
  • Honesty, integrity and transparency – Probity and clarity in the way we manage our activities and resources.
  • Dignity – Acknoledgment in the ability of peopleto take charge of their own lives.
  • Social justice and sharing – Partner in a better redistribution of food resources to help create a fairer society.

Who we are

Moisson Outaouais seeks to be a leader in the fight against poverty and hunger in the Outaouais region. We keep developing new ideas to help people in need. By benefiting from a regional food bank, the Outaouais region now has access to substantial food resources-sharing systems with items coming from Food Banks Canada and Banques alimentaires Québec. Moisson Outaouais also works on developing new far-reaching partnerships with local companies in the food sector as well as local corporate leaders.

Thanks to our large capacity for recovering supplies, at Moisson Outaouais make far-reaching, essential and richly diversified food deliveries of food items possible for the whole region. Thus each dollar invested in Moisson Outaouais is turned into 5$ of food products.

Food Support Chain

Strategic Planning 2019-2024

This document presents the results of the recent reflection exercise that led to the development of the 2019-2024 strategic plan. It clearly identifies the priorities for action on which the organization will focus its efforts over the next five years. You can also consult this explanatory sheet , which provides a good summary of the entire strategic plan.