Profile and Mission

Our Mission

Support our member organizations and partners in the region to ensure food security for people living under harsh socio-economic conditions.

Our Vision

As leader in the food security sector, Moisson Outaouais’ vision is that everybody in the region eats satisfactorily.

Our values

  • Listening and working together – Proactive openness towards our current partners and partnership opportunities.
  • Solidarity – Mutual aid and cooperative action with community members targeted towards food security. We value civic commitment.
  • Respect – Consideration and respect for our volunteers, donors, employees, affiliated organizations, partners and users.
  • Honesty, integrity and transparency – Probity and clarity in the way we manage our activities and resources.
  • Dignity – Acknoledgment in the ability of peopleto take charge of their own lives.
  • Social justice and sharing – Partner in a better redistribution of food resources to help create a fairer society.

Who we are

Moisson Outaouais seeks to be a leader in the fight against poverty and hunger in the Outaouais region. We keep developing new ideas to help people in need. By benefiting from a regional food bank, the Outaouais region now has access to substantial food resources-sharing systems with items coming from Food Banks Canada and Banques alimentaires Québec. Moisson Outaouais also works on developing new far-reaching partnerships with local companies in the food sector as well as local corporate leaders.

Thanks to our large capacity for recovering supplies, Moisson Outaouais is able to have essential and rich diversified food deliveries of food items for the whole region. Thus each dollar invested in Moisson Outaouais is turned into $8 of food products.

Food Support Chain


Every weekday morning, five refrigerated trucks leave the Moisson Outaouais complex to collect food from suppliers. Our supply comes mainly from surplus food from supermarkets, suppliers, agricultural producers as well as events and collections organized by individuals or companies. This year, 1.4 million kg of food passed through our warehouse. Upon arrival, the food is weighed and recorded in the inventory book.


All food that is collected is evaluated by an employee and volunteers to control the quality of the food distributed. They are then stored by food category in a proper and adequate manner.


The orders of the organizations are prepared by the warehouse clerks. On average, each week, 26,000 kg of food is distributed to affiliated organizations. Some organizations pick up their orders at Moisson Outaouais while those located in remote areas benefit from a delivery service that meets strict hygiene and sanitation standards. Our network includes mainly food banks, soup kitchens, shelter services and family homes.


The food is then distributed to the people using the services offered by the organization.

Strategic Planning 2019-2024

This document presents the results of the recent reflection exercise that led to the development of the 2019-2024 strategic plan. It clearly identifies the priorities for action on which the organization will focus its efforts over the next five years. You can also consult this explanatory sheet , which provides a good summary of the entire strategic plan.