The Moisson Complex

Moisson Outaouais has been located at 37 Bombardier since December 2011. This localization is strategic, being close to Highway 50 and within an industrial complex where the food industry is well established. The Moisson Complex is a capital infrastructure of roughly 10 000 square feet which hosts:

  • A storage area for perishable and non-perishable, fresh, refrigerated and frozen food supplies;
  • A sorting area;
  • A commercial kitchen;
  • An administrative center for our work team;
  • A capacity of 440 pallets spaces allowing for the storage of approximately 440,000 kg of foodstuffs where you will find:
    • A cold room allowing us to recover an abundance of fresh products during the summer period;
    • A freezer allowing us to preserve foodstuffs with short shelf lives;