Eating, a Vital Need.

Did you know that most of the 19,500 monthly food-bank users in the Outaouais live alone?

Mr. Bernard Leduc, a retiree for the last four years, is a good case in point. Managing his diet is challenging because of diabetes and high cholesterol. Daily tasks such as preparing meals become more demanding as the physical and cognitive effects of aging take their toll. Faced with growing expenses, recurring medication costs, ever increasing grocery bills and impending home-care services, Mr. Leduc must rely on the local food bank. This fundamental service enables him to enjoy a measure of financial stability and a better quality of life.

Thanks to your contribution, Moisson Outaouais will be able to fill the food baskets distributed by its 71 affiliated organizations and partners to people in need.

Respond to a Vital Need

Eating three meals a day is essential to a good health. For underprivileged children, family services centres are a learning environment where they are provided with healthy meals and snacks.

Fight Poverty

For single-parent workers, going to the food bank ensures that the whole family’s nutritional requirements are met, thereby making it easier to maintain concentration at school or at work.

Relieve psychological, physical and financial stress

For new immigrants, emergency food assistance centres are an important resource to foster integration and build a better future. Through the support provided, they adapt more readily to a different food culture.

Improve the Quality of Life

For the homeless, housing centres with meals provide steady nourishing meals at scheduled times of the day. They are a reassuring place to sleep safely and comfortably and to meet familiar faces.

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