Giving, is fulfilling!

With the arrival of the holiday season, more than 24,000 people in the Outaouais region will be turning to Moisson Outaouais and its organizations to help them get enough to eat.

This is the reality for Catherine, mother of two children (Mathias and Alicia). After separating, Catherine bought back the remaining share of the family home. Because, she had to renew the mortgage at a much higher interest rate, her monthly payments increased by more than a hundred dollars. Buying a new home or renting are even less accessible or affordable options for her. Moreover, her full-time job is no longer financially sufficient, and she must work overtime to pay the bills and meet her children’s needs. Overnight, she has had to reassess her overall budget. Despite reducing discretionary expenses, she still had to cut back on groceries. This mother sadly realised she had no other choice but to call on her local food bank.

This is just one of the many stories we’ve heard from the beneficiaries of our dedicated organizations.

Multiply your donation amount by 10 to find out the real value of the food aid you will be providing to a local family.

Your contribution will help us...

Respond to a Vital Need

Eating is a fundamental need critical for the survival of any human being. When someone is in a vulnerable situation, emergency food aid brings an immediate solution by providing adequate nourishment.

Helpful female food bank volunteer helps a senior woman with groceries. The volunteer is helping the woman carry the groceries to her car. The senior woman is holding a bag of apples.

Bring the Community Together

For people living alone, soup kitchens provide a meeting place. During the Holiday season, gathering around a warm meal fosters discussions and new encounters, and relieves loneliness. In working together to alleviate hunger, these organisations share the common goal of creating a stronger and more resilient social fabric.

Advocate Social Justice

Access to food is a vital right that contributes to a fairer world and greater solidarity. At shelters and temporary accommodation centres, homeless people receive not only meals but also reassurance, safety and kindness, as well as the tools to build a better quality of life.

Relieve Psychological, Physical and Financial Stress

The cold periods of winter can be more costly for low-income families. This is why family centres act as reference to reinforce the family nest. Among other things, they are the gate to other resources such as learning to cook to fulfill children’s nutritional needs.

Thank you to our generous partners!


Moisson Outaouais in Brief...


2,500 Christmas baskets
distributed through
our network


24,236 people helped
every month, all services


1.6 million kg of food
supplies distributed

Moisson Outaouais and its affiliated organisations team up so that everyone can enjoy a bellyful and worry-free Christmas. Demand for food assistance will remain high for the upcoming winter months, but we will remain steadfast and good-hearted in our efforts to reach out to those in need.